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31 Jul 14







Ex Caribbean Wings 2014-2015

Thanks for all your wider advertising, the exercise is now almost completely full.  we are still gapped Yachtmasters as 1st mates for the later legs, but now have all other appointments full.  we are able to hold reserves against all of the legs, and do often call them forward.


Ex Medsail 2015

This popular exercise will run from late March to September 2015.  Please contact the project officer for an update.

See Medsail 2014 for DIN and Application Form


Mission Statement
"To develop the personal qualities essential to members of the Armed Forces through adventurous sail training in the Service environment"

The Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre [JSASTC] is a sail training establishment situated on the South Coast in Gosport, Hampshire; by sea it is just inside the harbour entrance on the western side of Portsmouth Harbour.

The purpose of JSASTC is to develop the character and leadership qualities essential to members of the Armed Forces through offshore sailing in the Service environment. Specific details are given in the Joint Services Adventurous Training Charter and the Joint Services Publication 419 (JSP419). These objectives are achieved by providing Sail Training Craft (STC), skippers, instructors, engineering and logistic support and sail training courses to train personnel of the three Services so that they are able to support and ultimately lead, adventurous sail training expeditions in Service yachts, both in UK and abroad.

JSASTC presently operates 21 STC, 3 of which are Ocean going Challenge 67's, 4 are Nicholson 55s, 1 x Sigma 38 and 13 are Victoria 34s. A 10M twin-engined launch, fitted for electronic navigation training and a PAC 22 RIB for fleet support are also made available. The manpower complement comprises 44 civilians, organised into 5 departments: Training/Victoria 34s; Operations/Nicholsons and Challengers; Engineering; Supply and Administration.

Approximately one third of the total capacity is dedicated to practical qualification training at sea, based on the RYA Sail Cruising & Yachtmaster Scheme. A large number of shore-based theory courses are also provided, with the remaining capacity being made available for expeditions which are arranged at Unit, Command, Single Service or Joint Service level based at JSASTC or elsewhere in the UK and overseas.

Over recent years these expeditions have involved deployments and visits in the English Channel area, Scotland, Skandinavia, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, Greece, Malta, Caribbean, Panama, Hawaii, the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, Sierra Leone, Namibia, South Africa, Ascension, Falkland Islands, South America, Russia and the USA. The duration of these exercises varies from one weekend in the local Solent area to over a year for the larger deployed exercises. Exercise Canary Gold, Medsail and Caribbean Wings are habitual examples which take place every year between the UK, the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean and include personnel from all 3 Services travelling to and from the STC for 2-week expedition periods.

The combined total annual throughput of Service men and women for courses and expeditions is approximately 4500. 


The Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Scheme
The Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Scheme is designed so that, through participation in a combination of scheduled practical qualification training and shorebased courses, experience courses, offshore and ocean sailing expeditions, members of HM Forces can progress to be adventurous sail training Skippers of Service sail training craft. The scheme provides a framework for Service personnel to progress from novice sailor to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore or Yachtmaster Ocean and be able to act as Skipper on large yachts entirely through the resources provided at JSASTC, whilst at the same time gaining internationally recognised certification.

Practical Qualification Training. This is conducted to the Royal Yachting Association/Maritime and Coastguard Agency (RYA/MCA) Cruising & Yachtmaster syllabus. Training and practical assessments are provided at Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Yachtmaster Coastal, Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Ocean. RYA Yachtmaster Instructor and Examiner assessments are arranged in conjunction with the RYA. These are all conducted in the Victoria 34s although Competent Crew certification may be obtained on the Nicholson 55s and the Challenge 67s whilst conducting deployed exercises.

Shorebased Courses. These are classroom courses which are conducted throughout the year with students being accommodated in Fort Blockhouse. The courses available are: Day Skipper and Yachtmaster navigation theory, Diesel Engine, Short Range Radio Certificate (SRC), Radar, First Aid and Sea Survival. Yachtmaster Ocean theory courses and examinations, as well as assessment of sextant sights taken at sea, are also programmed and co-ordinated from JSASTC.

Practical Training in the Larger Yachts. In order to increase the number of personnel qualified to take away Nic 55s and Challenge 67s as Adventurous Training Skippers and to raise the standard of Afterguard (Mates and Watchleaders), a programme of Nic 55 and Challenge 67 courses has been designed to cater for all levels of experience.

Experience Courses. Continuation and experience courses are programmed in all classes of STC to enable personnel to improve their seagoing skills and experience before applying for further qualification courses or assessments.

Adventurous Sail Training Expeditions. Adventurous Sail Training expeditions can range in scope from a weekend sailing in the Solent area to longer English Channel cruises with calls at UK and foreign ports or even major expeditions worldwide, including crew changes overseas and ocean passages. Long distance exercises are undertaken in the larger STC which have berths for 11 to 14 personnel and are fully equipped for ocean-going operations. The Victoria 34 STC, which have berths for up to 7 personnel, are ideal for local expeditions, particularly along the south coast of England, the north coast of France and the Channel Islands. However, they can be deployed out to the Canary Islands or Northern Europe if Units wish to project manage particular expeditions. To enhance flexibility, JSASTC STC can be detached to forward operate, for short periods of time, under the auspices of Commands or individual Units in UK and abroad or to fit in with RN Groups or individual ship deployments or refit periods. 


COURSES/VIC 34'S: MIL:9380 65971 CIV:02392765971

EXPEDS: MIL: 938065417 CIV:02392765417

PROJECTS: MIL:938065316 CIV:02392765316 

NAVAL STORES: MIL:9380 65050/65478 CIV: 01292 765050/765478

ENGINEERS: MIL: 9380 65418 CIV: 02392765418

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: MIL:65336 CIV:02392 765336


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